#988 Baby animals learning to stand is an awesome site

Life deals us humans and critters many challenges with one of the first being learning to stand on our own. Yes, learning to fly is right up there too but this post is about learning to stand.

learning to stand horse

For us humans learning to stand is something we learn after a series of other skills including learning to cry for attention, roll over and crawl. Yet for some critters learning to stand needs to happen right away. There are various reasons for this. One of which is to learn to walk and then run to get away from predators while another is to have the ability to nurse.

Horses and giraffes are so cute when they are learning to stand for the first time. This usually happens in the first few minutes of their life and is one of the most amazing things to see. I highly recommend it. You can see it here and here in these YouTube videos.

learning to stand giraffe

When I see these two critters learning to stand for the first time it reminds me a lot of our lives. I am not talking about last Friday night down at the pub after one too many Jack and Cokes although that certainly can hold true too. I am thinking more of those times when you are not so sure of a decision you need to make or if you are attempting to bake a new recipe. Maybe it is even about the reality of some personal devastation setting in or getting a rejection letter from a job you thought you were a shoe in for. It is about getting knocked down and learning to find your feet again. Or like the baby giraffe or horse learning to find your feet at all.

When you find yourself suffering a set back, whether minor or major, think about the ponies or giraffe learning to stand on her own for the first time and maybe, just maybe, it will bring a fresh smile to your face.

learning to stand success giraffe

What is you favorite baby animal? Let me know in the comments as I would love to hear from you.


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    • Thank you Lorraine. Say, did you see the video on Youtube of the honey badger that is so smart and knows how to escape? Just search for ‘honey badger escape’ and you will see it. SO cute and funny.
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  6. I was once with my friend and He told me a sheep has just given birth to a new one while I was inside. I came outside and saw two babies struggling to stand and milk their mother. They look so fragile and determined to stand. I knew at that point, a human born baby would be crying and not concerned about much physical movement.
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  8. Truly, this is an interesting scene to anyone who loves animals. Most of the time, it’s always a struggle but the event should only last a day, compare to that of humans that could last a few months. You would think they will be stronger than humans, but no, humans are the higher animals. And this will baffle people with naive minds!
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