#778 Old-School Typewriter

Invented in 1866 by inventor Christopher Sholes, an old-school typewriter is a rare treat to find these days since the advent of the computer word processor. However, the nostalgia from hitting the QWERTY from an old-fashioned typewriter to be rewarded with an instantaneous letter on paper still wraps people’s hearts like a warm blanket.

typewriter black and white

It seems that the days of staring at a blank sheet of paper concentrating on the next word to avoid possible errors are a part of a distant past. Even being able to crumble up the paper and tossing it into the trash like you’re shooting a basket for the win are long gone. You don’t need to worry about errors on your computer because a simple push of the delete button erases all of your mistakes away like they never happened, whereas an old-school typewriter stamps your errors in dark ink for many to see.

typewriter desk

Before computers came along students had to learn how to spell otherwise they’d be wasting a lot of paper and ink with the old-fashioned typewriter or at least invest in some good white out. These days the computer has instilled some newfound laziness in writers that depend on things like spell checker to do the brainwork for them.

However, with the sudden tsunami of electronics since the 1990s people are rapidly looking to disconnect from the electronic gadgets and devices, and old-school typewriters are not as obsolete as they’ve been when the computer craze exploded. More and more writers are purchasing old-school typewriters to go back to a simple time where you had to think long and hard before your next thought to avoid mistakes, and something about the sounds of the keys punching crisp white paper ignites creativity in some.

Typewriter green

Did you ever get to use an early model typewriter? Did you taking typing class in school? Leave a comment and share your opinion and experience. Would love to hear from you.

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