#786 Silver white winters that melt into springs

Living in Las Vegas we don’t really have silver white winters that melt into springs. By most peoples standards we do not even have silver white winters. Or maybe even winters. In fact, according to The Weather Channel, the high for today, December 5, 2016 will be a bone splitting 62*F and a low of 41*F. Although a couple nights from today it will get down to 32*F and 0% chance of rain in the next 10 days. Probably no chance of a white Christmas and most likely no silver white winter melting into spring.

One of the reasons I moved to Las Vegas is for the warmth. Not having snow all over the place like these folks is fine by me. I mean how do you deal with this sort of thing?

silver white winters melting ice man montreal snow street cars

(Photo courtesy of LandOfSnow.com)

Just dealing with simple tasks like getting to work or walking the dog or taking out the trash has got to be a challenge that I simply do not know how I would deal with. My Uncle Len seems to like it and is more than happy living in Rhinelander, Wisconsin where in a couple of days it is going to be 21*F/13*F. Yikes!

silver white winters girl trash snow

(This is NOT my Uncle Len.)

Still, putting things into a sort of level playing field, if that is possible, I can still break it down to winter turning into spring is one of my favorite things.

Sure it might not be silver white winters that melt into springs but as soon as this cold weather leaves I can smile again without worrying about my face cracking.

silver white winters red flowers

Do you live in a place with ‘silver white winters’? How do you deal with all the snow and ice and cold? Let us know in the comments below. Would love to hear from you.

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silver white winters melting ice man

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    • I did not make that one. The area I live in in Las Vegas gets very little snow. There is a snow skiing center about an hour from my home so I could make one similar there.
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