Suggestions / Guest Posting

Sure there are a ton of things out there that make me smile yet I am curious as to what makes you smile.

Let me know by filling in the suggestions form below.

Before you do I need to make sure we are clear on two things:

1) I need your email for two reasons. One- To make sure you are a real person and Two- To thank you for your suggestions. We try to be polite. But do not worry. I know you are going to use your ‘spam email address’ anyway right? (ha ha ha ) And still I promise you I will not let your address out of my secret and secured fault. Pinky promise.


2) By submitting your idea suggestions you are giving it to me and 1KSmile freely to use however we want in perpetuity. No biggy. Just that my lawyer said I gotta say that so…

Guest Posting

If you are interested in Guest Posting I would welcome that as well. Just fill in the form above and let me know who you are and how to reach you. Or you can just write me at Troy @

What is in it for you? The joy of knowing you helped at least one person smile today. Oh yeah, and a byline linking back to you.

The details- I usually shoot for 400-500 words and a couple pictures. The topic has to be something that makes you, and people in general, smile and can not condone violence or hate or any of that other yucky stuff and can not contain anything pornographic or obscene as defined by me, nor any links to your affiliate sites or sales pages (with the exception of your back link in your byline). So for example, if you are writing about espresso machines, an article we can use is one that says why espresso machines make people smile or enhances their life. An article about ‘How to pick the perfect espresso machine”, while awesome, does not really fit in with the theme of 1KSmiles. Better yet, tell WHY picking the perfect espresso machine makes people smile.

As well, like I said above, I get to use the post however I want in perpetuity. Pretty simple right? In exchange, you get a byline including a back link and a thumbnail. As well, the post is also yours so you can post it on your site too if you like. And, I am not saying it will happen but if this site ever becomes a book or something like that, you will go along with it.

As Carl Spackler said in Caddyshack, “So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.”

Ok, enough of that. Let me know what makes you smile. 🙂

dolphin likes suggestions and will smile

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