#893 Going to a Las Vegas 51s baseball game

Last night Brenna and I decided to take in a Las Vegas 51s baseball game. The temps in Las Vegas are usually too high during the summer so hitting the drive in movies or a baseball game are usually out of the question. The weather co-operated with us and was only in the high double digits so we got some tickets and went to see the Las Vegas 51s take on the Round Rock Express at Cashman Field.

las vegas 51s baseball

Check out these seats we got. Not too shabby and especially check out the price.

las vegas 51s baseball ticket

They are usually a little more expensive but we had a special deal. Regardless, the same seats for the Los Angeles Dodgers would have been $100+

The Las Vegas 51s, formerly known as the Las Vegas Stars, are a minor league baseball team. As of the 2014 baseball season, the Las Vegas 51s are the Triple-A affiliate of the New York Mets.

We visited the gift shop and bought Brenna some super skimpy shorts, or maybe it was a bathing suit bottoms. I am not really sure but looking forward to her wearing them just the same. Talk about 1K Smiles! Afterwards we looked for something to eat and drink and made our way to the upper level where they have a sort of buffet indoors where you can sit at tables and eat and watch the game. When I am at a baseball game I like to be right there near the action and being in an air conditioned restaurant seemed a little too removed so we went back outside and found the hot dog vendor kiosk and bought a couple dogs and drinks. Then we went to our section and found our seats with the help of the very friendly usher. Not too shabby of seats right near third base.

las vegas 51s baseball hotdog hot dog

After the game started we noticed there were empty seats so we moved a little closer.

las vegas 51s baseball seats

Around the middle of the game I remembered the words of the great Humphrey Bogart when he said, “A hotdog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz” and since I could not agree more I decided it was time to another. Since the game was already half way over I felt no reason why I should not take any open seats I fancied so Brenna and I decided to move to just behind home plate and found a couple seats in the second row just above the dugout section.

las vegas 51s baseball better seats

Nice view huh?

The 51s had a comfortable 6-0 lead when all of a sudden everything seemed to fall apart. Next thing we knew the Express had amassed 5 runs and where knocking on the door to tie the game. A couple strike outs later and a sweet tag-the-runner-then-the base double play by the second baseman and the 51s win 6-5. Whew! That was close…and fun and left us with a ton of smiles and nice memories!

Cosmo the Las Vegas 51s baseball mascot running

Have you ever been to a minor league baseball game? Who did you see? Share your thoughts in the comments. Would love to hear from you.

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  2. Thats one great moment for 1k smiles, wished you had an opportunity to get a signed baseball cap or glove, always wonderful memories.