#887 A treehouse can be a lot of fun!

A treehouse is a building constructed around, next to or among the trunk or branches of one or more mature trees and is above ground level.

treehouse 2

When I was growing up I always wanted a tree house but living in the city we had no acceptable trees on the property. Usually they built for recreation, a place to just hang out. Yet in some parts of the world a tree house is an extremely practical living situation as being up off the ground helps to protect occupants and stored food from scavenging animals.

The treehouse has become very popular over the last decade and there is even at least one television show, Treehouse Masters, dedicated to treehouse construction. Some of the projects they build are simply amazing.

treehouse zip line

If you would like one of your own, it does not have to be all fancy like the ones the profile on Treehouse Masters or this one with a zip line. You could build one with a rather small budget indeed. Here is an article about a family who build a realy nice treehouse for around $300.

If you do decide to build your own tree house there are some steps you should take such as checking with your local planning department, with your neighbors and even with your insurance agent. There are plenty of websites out there such as WikiHow and Instructables.com (which is a really good website by the way and worth checking out as you can learn how to make a whole bunch of things).

tree house

For me though, since I still live in the city and still do not have an acceptable tree for my treehouse I will just keep dreaming about them. I guess in the mean time I can see if they will let me play in this treehouse at Downntown Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas.

Have you ever had a treehouse? Share your thoughts in the comments. Would love to hear from you.

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12 Replies to “#887 A treehouse can be a lot of fun!”

  1. I live in the suburbs and no trees for me to build a tree house either. I did built the kids a cubby house though. A pretty big one too. Now that they have outgrown it I’ve turned it into my private gym 😉
    Peter recently posted…Blonde Sports JokeMy Profile

  2. Very interesting and also funny and also adventurers think to live on a tree house. The tree house has become very popular in south america. I’ve always wanted to have this kind of house.
    John recently posted…What is arithmetic?My Profile

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