#926 A nice watch can keep you right on time

Time is the most valuable commodity you have. Once your time is gone you will never get it back. A good watch, although certainly part of your stylish attire, is also a very powerful symbol of empowerment and prosperity.

james bond sean connery looking at watch

One thing is for sure, wearing a nice watch is a must for a man when you decide to up your game and dress the part. There are many nice watches for men you can get without breaking the bank. That is why I have been spending some time on trying to decide which new watch I should get at the best possible price.

rado sintra xxl jubile quartz watch r13723752

Paul Kyriazi teaches in his book How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle about the power of the wrist watch. He tells the story of one of his first serious watches and how it had a retail value of $1700 which at that time was a lot of money for him. He describes in his book how he lived in Japan at the time where Haagen-Dazs ice cream was very expensive. Paul used to enjoy his Hรคagen-Dazs ice cream every day and at $10 per day he figured if he skipped the ice cream he could have his new watch paid for in less than six months. Not to mention a slimmer waist line. he set out on his goal and certainly reached it.

tag heuer watch 375.513 081 1991

My first wrist watch was purchased in Zurich, Switzerland. I was on a mission there and had a little free time. I decided to play tourist for my leisure time and bought a few things to remind me of my first trip to Switzerland. I purchased some fine chocolates, went to the bank to open a Swiss bank account, found a toy store to buy the Swiss version of Monopoly and invested in my first Tag Heuer watch. It was the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Series 1. The watch series was discontinued in 2000.

Although Tag Heuer still holds a special spot in my heart (and on my wrist) and I will certainly be investing in the new series TAG Heuer Men’s Formula 1 Chronograph Watch in the near future, I also am planning for the day to get one of the watches James Bond has worn.

So the question is – Shall I go for the Rolex Submariner

watch rolex submariner

or Omega Seamaster which has been the watch for James Bond since GoldenEye?

watch omega seamaster

Either will make me smile that is for sure.

Cast your vote in the comments and let us know what kind of watch you wear as well as what your next watch purchase will be.

PS- Check out this watch by Fossil:

fossil watch james bond

78 Replies to “#926 A nice watch can keep you right on time”

  1. I love watches. Sadly less people are using them because they rely on smartphones. Personally I prefer a wristwatch. It’s so much easier to glance at my watch than it is to fish the smartphone out of my pocket, and to activate it so it displays the phone.

    As to my favourite, I reckon I’d go for the Omega Seamaster.
    Peter recently posted…How Much To Bet On A Sports BetMy Profile

      • You have to be joking? You mean you don’t normally wear a watch? I feel naked without it. When I’m in a group and someone asks what time it is I’m the first one with the answer. I have it out before they can even fish their phone out of their pocket or handbag. Especially the handbag because women have so much junk in them ๐Ÿ˜€
        Peter recently posted…Golf Joke Of The WeekMy Profile

        • I have the body structure of a Formula 1 race car driver. I just measured my wrist and they come in at 15.5cm (6 in.) so if I wear a watch it must have a small face. A ‘normal’ size man’s watch looks SUPER big on me.
          I do want to start wearing a watch more often though as, like you said, it is convenient.
          Troy recently posted…Learn a new skillMy Profile

  2. Hands down, I have to say the Lime-green Tag! Simply beautiful! I’m still saving up for my very first one! Hope it’s still treating you well!

    Shak, the watch guy.

  3. Although I wear a Casio, I think you should go for the Omega Seamaster! I just love that watch ever since I first saw it in the movie “GoldenEye”. I’m planning to gift myself that watch very soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just go for it!
    Alex recently posted…Top 10 Menโ€™s Watch Brands!My Profile

  4. Omega Seamaster is my choice my friend. It looks elegant. Many people now use smartphone as clock, its actually right thing cause we live in a modern technology now. But I still love watch, its just not a clock, its an art of mechanic, design and hand – making!
    Alex recently posted…Fabulous Gifts With Big Promotion From AmazonMy Profile

    • Thank you for your vote Alex. You are very correct. Most people just use their smartphone, their iPhone or Android device to tell the time these days. You are also correct in that it can be simply elegant.
      Thanks for visiting and for leaving your comment.
      Troy S. recently posted…Breasts are my kryptoniteMy Profile

  5. My choice is always would be Rolex and my dream is to purchase an expensive one from Rolex so I would like to put Rolex in my wish list for next purchase.

  6. I’d go with the Submariner, although the Seamaster is a great watch too. The sub was one of my first watches, still love the black dial and bezel as an everyday wear!

  7. Hey Troy..
    Nice watches dear…
    I am also a watch lover and always used to wear watch either I am going to office or going out with my family or friends. I have a good collection of watches. I generally prefer to buy water proof watches because I usually forget to remove it when I go for swimming. Specially, I like to wear watches when I get ready for office because I think it is a symbol of professionalism.

    • A symbol of professionalism. Yes indeed. Good point.
      Funny though how less and less people seem to be wearing watching so this point you make will perhaps help you stand out in the crowd.
      Good job.
      Troy recently posted…Enjoy your here and nowMy Profile

  8. yes indeed to ware a watch is a symbol of professionalism. This is an informative and helpful post. Great efforts made here to share this post. Keep the efforts up. Hope that you will come with more great articles as well. Thanks for sharing such a dashing post.

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  10. Personally I prefer more expensive watches but obviously they are hard to purchase when the wallet doesn’t go as deep ๐Ÿ˜€

    We also wrote a review on 10 best watches. If you had to pick your top 3 watches which would you pick and why?

    Cool article btw!
    Eric Hasten recently posted…10 Best Necklaces 2016My Profile

    • “when the wallet doesnโ€™t go as deep”. That often seems to be the issue. I wonder though if it is ‘healthy’ to compare ourselves to others. “Johhny wears the newest Rolex. How come I can not afford that?” Maybe then the best ‘Timex’ or whatever is a good start? Make a dream sheet. Post pictures on your wall or mirror of the Rolex or Tag Hauer you want and think about only that.
      Anyway, thanks Eric. I will go check out your review and site now.
      Troy recently posted…A 2 dollar bill makes me feel like a million bucksMy Profile

  11. my next watch purchase is def a rolex, i love the quality! There is something about Rolex watches that just gets me, I dont know, maybe the bright price. Its okay, ill just put on my sunglasses when i buy it, lol

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  13. I agree, smartphones have made watches more of a fashion accessory than a useful tool. However that might change with the new smart watches that have been coming out. Im thinking about starting my own watch company after reading this guide howdoistartit.com/start-watch-company/ I think part of living the james bond lifestyle is having cool gadgets not just looking good so Im going to make a smart watch that has cool features.

    • So…many of the people I have talked to did not like their Apple smart watch. I hope you come up with ideas…and gadgets… to improve it.
      Thank you for reading and for your awesome comment. Best of luck to you friend.

      Please share this website with your friends and family. That would make everyone smile. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Troy recently posted…#805 A 2 dollar bill makes me feel like a million bucksMy Profile

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  15. Very nice article, I will search for these watches to buy one.
    For me, I wear a watch called Timex and
    Here an example for it energytechup.com/timex-expedition-military-field-watch/
    Now, I’m keen on Omega Seamaster watch and I will buy it once I find it .
    If you have sites to buy this watch online, please provide me…. thanks alot

  16. These watches are great, I love watches. A good watch (and I dont mean expensive) can make someone look the business. Just add’s to a persons style

    This is why I created my own watch brand. Keep an eye out guys, were brand new but we’ll get there one day

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