#990 Tiger playing with a beer keg has me swimming with smiles

Regardless of the debate whether zoos are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ they do give the opportunity for children and adults to see critters up close where this may never otherwise be a possibility. I have yet to travel to South East Asia and other places a tiger can be found though when I do I sort of hope not to be that close to a tiger. And this is why zoos are useful. They allow people to experience and discover something they may never otherwise get a chance to and hopefully they will learn something, grow, be a better person and help make the world a better place.

When I do travel to places where a tiger can be found and if I do get close to a tiger when I am there I am hoping he has something to distract him…like a beer keg. Yes, I know. Slim chances all around right? Like what are the odds I am going to be cruising through Malaysia and a tiger is going to bounce up with a beer keg? Who am I? Christopher Robin?

Tiger with beer keg in water 2

Now the idea of a tiger and a beer keg may seem a little ridiculous yet I assure you, it can be a pretty fun thing to see. I mean a tiger is basically a cat…or a cat is basically a tiger…and most of us know cats like to play with stuff so why wouldn’t a tiger?

Unlike most cats however, a tiger does not seem to mind water so if you combine a tiger, a pool and a beer keg you just may be in for a fun time full of smiles.

Tiger with beer keg in water

I did get this opportunity a few years ago at the Los Angeles Zoo when I saw the tiger keeper toss a beer keg into the pool. The tiger looked at the keg bobbing in the water, then looked at the other tiger, then back at the keg and without another second delay both jumped into the water and started batting the beer keg about. Good times and definitely made me smile.

What is your favorite animal to see whether in a zoo or in its natural habitat? Have you seen it yet? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your experience.


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