#950 Soaking in a Jacuzzi hot tub

Next to sitting and looking at a beautiful koi pond, not much more is relaxing after a hard day than sitting in the hot tub. Now we have to be careful and clear in our terminology here because not all hot tubs are Jacuzzi. I do not know who makes mine so I will just call it a hot tub. See around 1900, seven brothers named Jacuzzi immigrated to the United States from Pordenone, Friuli, Italy. They were all very crafty and industrious as some of the brothers designed and manufactured aircraft propellers and then hydraulic aircraft pumps then on to the manufacture of a new kind of deep well agricultural pump. Candido Jacuzzi developed a submersible bathtub pump for his son Kenneth to give his son, who had developed rheumatoid arthritis, soothing whirlpool treatments in the tub at home.

hot tub guy solo

In 1955, the firm decided to market the pump and dubbed it the “J-300”, as a therapeutic aid, where they would sell it in bath supply shops. To attempt to generate a little publicity for the yet unknown product, a portable Jacuzzi was included in the gifts given to contestants on TV’s Queen for a Day. It was pitched as relief for the worn out housewife. That is where I come in.

It was a tough day at work so I decided once I got home to grab the book I am reading and head out to the hot tub. So with towel and “Random Acts of Badness” by Danny Bonaduce in hand I head outdoors. The warm soothing jets from the hot tub were soon to bring my aching muscles back to a peaceful state of relaxation.

Speaking of the hot tub and relaxation… In July 1999, Penn Jillette from Penn and Teller fame, was granted U.S. Patent 5,920,923 for the “Jill-Jet”, a hot tub jet specially angled for a woman’s pleasure. He has credited Debbie Harry of Blondie for suggesting the idea to him, as the two of them were once in a hot tub and Harry made a remark about changing the jets for a woman’s pleasure. Jillette liked the idea enough to pursue patent application at the USPTO under the patent title “Hydro-therapeutic stimulator”. That will win you a bet some day. You’re welcome.

hot tub crazy couple suds

So when you are feeling tired from either playing or working too hard, grab a book…or a Blondie CD and a friend or two…and jump in the hot tub. Pretty good odds it will bring a smile.

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  1. I’ve only ever been in a true hot tub once, and that was at my gym. It was freaky because it was pretty strong, and I had to overcome a heck of a lot of mental anguish to be seen without my top on by most of the people in the gym; ugh. It was also hot but I got used to that pretty quickly. It felt good, but smelled strongly of chlorine.

    I’ll stick to the whirlpool bath in a hotel room, which I’ll have when I’m in Orlando in October; oh yeah! 🙂
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  2. I’ve got a spa at home which is basically a bathtub with 6 jets built into it. I remember the first time my wife used it. All I could hear was her screaming. When I ran into the bathroom there she was standing in the tub with jets of water spraying everywhere. Unfortunately she didn’t fill the water line above the jets . Man, it was so funny.
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  3. I’ve got an inflatable hot tub and they are great, and are well priced too, so ideal for the summer.
    Can’t wait to bring it out agin for the summer!

  4. I like the photos much..Looks interesting!
    couldn’t ask for more..eagerly waiting for summers so that i can drench myself 😉

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. It’s weird how hot tubs could act as a medication for so many pains. Whether you are having muscle strains or social problems, It seems like hot tubs makes everything work. And don’t have enough words for Jacuzzi. That my friend is a beast of its own. I have a bespoke hot tub now but will surely shift to Jacuzzi 🙂

  6. Great share..
    Soaking in a hot tub can bring many health benefits. Your hot tub can bring you enjoyment and health benefits all year round.

    You’ll find immediate benefits to soaking in your spa during the winter. Once you ease into the piping hot water, you may find cold-related aches and pains easing.

  7. Hot tubs are great to read and relax in, sometimes they can be really quite expensive though 🙁

  8. Amazing post! Having a hot tub right at your own home gives you the privacy to do whatever you want and that’s priceless to me. It’s actually a great reward after a stressful day at work.

  9. Never was able to afford a hot of my own, maybe in retirement or if I get lucky with the lottery! Had to laugh at the “Jill-Jet”! Never heard of that, as this is isn’t advertised in the industry. what a clever invention!