#915 Caught on Google Earth Street View

It all started when I was researching the history of German Chocolate Cake for a previous post. I came to realize that German Chocolate Cake was actually invented in America and I easily found the address. I looked it up on Google Earth and decided to see the property a little closer using Google Earth Street View as I will probably never make it to Dallas, Texas. I dragged the little yellow man icon to enter Street View and to my surprise I saw this:

caught on google earth street view german chocolate cake

What the heck is going on there? Some sort of UFO or something?

I realized it must just be some sort of freakish incident where the camera just happened to capture a leave at just the right moment. But what of this camera? How does it work? Was it like Circle-Vision 360° that they used to have in Tomorrowland at Disneyland? Well, sort of. The process Disney used is explain here at Yesterland.com. Be sure to see the picture of the actual camera system used.

And here is a picture of how Google does it today.

caught on google earth street view car

A bit of a difference huh?

This got me to thinking about what other weird and fun things could be found on Google Earth Street View that might make me smile. Well I found some things that made me smile…and a few that made me blush. Be advised, if you do go to Google Images and search for things, make sure you have your Parental Guidance settings set accordingly. There is some racy stuff on the Internet. Who knew right?

caught on google earth street view adults

Here is something I found. Ouch! This is gonna hurt.

caught on google earth street view bike crash

If you look around or easier yet, just use Google Image search to do a search for ‘Google Earth Street View pictures’ and throw in a descriptive word like funny or weird and you never know what you will find. Maybe something will make you smile.

You may even finally find some one famous…

caught on google earth street view waldo

Have you ever seen the Google Earth Street View camera car? Or the bikes or hand held systems in action? Tell us in the comments.

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