#823 Monster trucks

The roar of the crowd, the smell of fuel and the bright lights of the arena can only mean one thing; monster trucks are here! Regardless of who you are or what walk of life you are from, the sheer power and size of these monster trucks will always leave you in awe! Huge tires, expensive suspension and many hours of labor go into these car crushing, doughnut doing marvels of mechanical prowess. What’s not to smile about?

monster trucks green car truck

Did you have to ride the school bus every day back and forth to school? Go to a monster truck show and watch one get smashed. It will put a smile on your face as you see the monster trucks roll over the bus like it was just another speed bump. And that’s not before they fill the arena with the fire breathing sounds and smells of exhaust and loud engine roars.

Monster trucks have been around for quite some time and don’t seem to be losing any popularity any time soon. They still pack the arenas with young and old and anyone looking for a good time watching all kinds of jumps, moguls, car smashing and fire breathing action. Every time you see a 10,000-pound monster truck defy gravity and leap into the air, you are sure to see that many more smiles from the crowd around you.

monster truck yellow car trucks

If you have children, be sure to take them to a monster truck show when it comes to town. Tickets are inexpensive and well worth the smiles you will receive in return. There are even many outdoor shows at local fairs and carnivals where you might get a chance to ride along in a monster truck and experience the rush of sitting 10 feet off the ground as you roll over a clunker strategically positioned in the field. What could be more exciting than that?

For monster truck sized smiles that last for days, there is only one thing that can do it; the monster trucks themselves.

monster truck red car trucks

Have you ever been to see the monster trucks? Who is your favorite? Bigfoot, Grave Digger or Overkill Evolution? Maybe a different truck or driver? Click here to leave a comment and share your opinion and experience. Would love to hear from you.

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7 Replies to “#823 Monster trucks”

  1. Monster trucks RULE! I love monster trucking and this blog. I may be 32 but I have not and never will outgrow my love for the Sport! I sit as close as possible to the action, these things are so big you cant miss anything!

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